Welcome !!!

I’m a pastor. That may not be familiar to you, and I understand the discomfort this may cause. Pastors are supposed to be unlike most people. This is an unwritten rule, and I believe pastors are mostly to blame for it. We expect ourselves to be pillars of strength and wisdom. Often we are. But life is complex and our interactions diverse. I am persuaded of God and motivated by God. But I can’t match God’s excellence. So I wrestle, just as you do, with my strengths and needs for improvement.

I’m writing this blog to give a pastor’s perspective on life, not just on weddings and marriage. I plan to write on a variety of topics. Sometimes what I write will echo your own thoughts and sometimes you’ll wonder: “Where did he get that from?”

I hope to show through my personal experiences that life and love and marriage can be wonderful; and to celebrate these with you. Perhaps this blog—in some small way—will familiarize you with a real pastor. It may even tempt you to check out God—who I believe is the creator of life and author of love. I hope it keeps you reading.

Pastor Ed Bruning