Cost and Quality

Wedding Officiant Las Vegas NV Unlike other officiants, we try to avoid back-to-back weddings. We want to give time and personal attention to each bride – even during the busiest seasons – so we limit the number of weddings we perform. And we’re able to hold our fees down to $350 per wedding, plus negotiated rehearsal fees, because we’re employed as ministers of local churches. This is a good balance for us, enjoyable and energetic on all sides. We think it’s a good balance for you, too, affording a true professional at low-to-mid cost.

What makes the difference between low-cost officiants and high-cost ones? Quality, yes, but also the number of weddings they do! Of course, here in Las Vegas there are inexpensive “get-you-in / get-you-out” chapels and drive-through weddings. Their cost is low but their twenty-or-so weddings each day lack the warmth and charm you expect. Then there are a few officiants who will come to your doorstep for a higher but still “bargain” fee. You may find these rushed or robotic.

As implied on our “Choosing Your Officiant” page, it makes little sense to spend thousands on your wedding and risk having it ruined by a poor officiant who saves you a few hundred. With us, you have the best of both worlds. Our skills and experience are excellent. The attention we give is what you should expect. We’ll treat you less like a business opportunity and more like the bride you truly are!