About Pastor Ed…

Ed is the pastor of a Christian, Protestant church. His beliefs are evident. He will gladly discuss these if you ask. For couples getting married in the church he maintains clear policies, including premarital classes. But couples requesting our services through this website are not being married in the church.

We are respectful to everyone. We’re interested in your convictions. We can, if you want, discuss our similarities as well as our differences. We may find these intriguing, enriching. But everything here revolves around putting together a wedding ceremony that you’ll remember with pride. Though Pastor Ed may occasionally be limited by matters of conscience and his oath of ordination, you will see that he shares your goals regarding your wedding day.

About You…

Listen appreciatively as family and friends describe the “perfect wedding”, but politely maintain that this is your wedding, planned your way. And, grooms, it’s generally best to say “yes, dear” to your bride. She probably has more expectations and will almost certainly have more memories of the ceremony. You may share mutual responsibility and decision making in just about everything else – but the wedding day is uniquely her’s. Give her your gift of agreement.

Typically (though not always) men experience their most inexplicable emotions leading up to the proposal. After it has been accepted, they are anxious to complete the necessities and get on with life together. But women often experience these same emotions and more leading up to the wedding.

Sometimes seemingly small decisions will have great significance – even when it can’t be explained why these are so difficult and important. Remember Sir, if you encounter such turbulence: say “yes, dear” and don’t make the situation more awkward. Be your bride’s best encourager!