Your Wedding Vows

Like most couples, you want your vows to be special. But you may also be nervous about saying them in front of everyone. As you look into one another’s eyes and proclaim your love, we’ll work to keep you free of distraction. There are comfortable ways to put into words what is so clear in your hearts. We will help reduce the stress and increase the pleasure of this awesome moment.

A few vows are shown here. More are available when you sign up to Start Your Planning. If you are considering writing your own vows, we’ll happily give you the benefit of our experience and suggest ways to achieve the best possible result. We’re pretty creative in producing “the best of all worlds”. We can offer additional suggestions after getting acquainted with you and your vision for an ideal wedding ceremony.

Sample Vows:

I take you to be my wife/husband, and solemnly pledge to you my loyalty and love, through all the days of my life.

I take you to be my wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward; for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, so long as we both shall live.

I take you to be my wife/husband in good times and bad, through all our successes and all of life’s struggles, giving and receiving love every day. I will treasure you for as long as we live.

I take you to be my wife/husband. I offer my strength and support. I pledge my loyalty and faith. I offer my hope. I will trust, respect and encourage you. I give you all my love in all the circumstances of life, through all the days I shall live.

I take you to be the wife/husband of all my today and tomorrows, to be the mother/father of my children, to be the companion of my home. We shall face together whatever our lives may encounter, and share together our riches of goodness and plenty and love.

[name], you and I are beginning a new chapter in our life together. As husband and wife, I want us to enjoy today, to experience what this moment has to offer, to drink deeply at the fountain of love. But I also want us to experience our future together, to gather wisdom from all our shared adventures, to discover the joy of loving more deeply as the years pass. I want us to be inseparably bound by the thousands of events we will live together. I want us to build a past rich with laughter, love and enthusiasm – a past we can always remember with fondness, while bravely and happily facing our future.

[name], we have come together late in our lives. I wish it could have been earlier, much earlier. But today, as I become your husband/wife, I thank God for bringing us together. And I promise to make up for lost time by loving you with all my heart and soul. I promise to not sweat the small stuff, to not be set in my ways, to get out of my ruts, to live life earnestly and passionately. I promise as your husband/wife to be your friend and companion for all of our days.

More sample vows are provided in our Planning Guide. We will offer thoughtful encouragement and support regarding self-written and custom vows. There are wonderful ways to accomplish whatever you desire.