A Wonderful Wedding

Every part of your ceremony will be designed with special consideration for you. Your ceremony will be treasured and remembered. It will fit your personality in a wonderful way. It will be comfortable.

The best weddings occur when we have gotten to know one another. Therefore we will encourage you to answer a few questions. These will be simple, non-obtrusive (a brief description plus some memories of you and your partner) and of course, optional – but helpful in achieving a truly personal result. We’ll talk on the phone or Skype, exchange emails, and gladly meet with you too.

Once we start working together we hope you will access our materials (notice the Start Your Planning box on the left-hand side of this page). It isn’t necessary for you to read through all the details but we find that many brides like to see the resources we start from. You’ll be able to choose among a wide range of ideas, make additions, ask for creative solutions, and have as free a hand as you want. Or you may want to relax. After we’ve talked, we can prepare the entire ceremony and present it for your approval. Again, every part of your wedding will be designed with special consideration for you.

You’ll need a valid wedding license from Clark County, Nevada – which must be obtained in person. You’ll later want government-issued proof of your marriage, usually available two weeks after the wedding. Information and procedures are reported on the ‘Wedding License’ page in the menu. We will help if you ask.