Pastor Ed Bruning

A few words about your officiant…

I’m an odd combination: a former engineer and business manager who is also a romantic and now a full-time Senior Pastor, and a legally authorized wedding officiant. In mid-career, I left all that was familiar to enter the ministry. My wife and I met in school, married a year after graduating, raised three children, and have been rewarded with grandchildren. We began our marriage in St. Louis, Missouri; have lived in Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma, and Nevada, and conducted business or vacationed in most of the fifty States. Our years together have been good (usually) and fantastic (but that part I’ll keep to myself). Through one another we’ve learned a lot about ourselves and life – and about how little we knew that we thought we knew. We’re still taking risks and discovering and growing in this wonderful thing called marriage.

I’ve earned three university degrees, advanced certification, nationally respected ordination, sat on several Boards of Directors, and demonstrated leadership in civic and professional affairs. Within my church’s denomination, I’ve held regional offices and have instructed in their program leading to licensure. I’ve engaged in public speaking, by invitation and extemporaneously, in diverse venues as well as broadcasting, since age fifteen.

You’ll find that my experience, demeanor, style – the warmth and calming effect of my voice – will be welcome features of your wedding ceremony.

Licensed, ordained minister serving a Christian church in suburban Las Vegas.

Officiating weddings throughout Las Vegas, Nevada since 2003.