Wedding at the Winery

This week’s wedding brought me special joy. The wedding couple was fantastic, plus my daughter was the Matron of Honor and my Son-in-Law such an important part of the festivities. The bride, calm and deliberate throughout the planning, bubbled over during her vows and throughout the reception. One custom suggestion I had given the bride and groom proved more meaningful to them, and their guests, than I first realized. It’s a pleasure to add something they’ll remember always. Watching the video last night (I critique my work) brought it back happily. It was fun to be in Seattle to officiate a ceremony, so different from Las Vegas. Several guests thought I was a local Minister and were asking me how long I had known the couple. Thank goodness for Skype. And I had gotten a good sense of them through their “homework” – enough to be personal in a way that their guests could imagine they, too, were speaking through my voice during the ceremony. That’s what I aim for. We all want to be an intimate part of the celebration.