So Very Vegas!

Back on the ground! The airline used a small jet, reminding me of private and commuter planes. It had overhead bins but these, in their words, were “for nothing bigger than a shoebox”. Nevertheless we’re safely back in this oh-so-Vegas place. I remember when my sister lived here and I would pass through monthly between work in Houston and Los Angeles. That’s when I began to know Las Vegas from a resident’s point of view. It’s really different from what tourists are led to expect. Yes, we’re customized and unique – weddings and all! But we’re also a place where a pastor like me can minister to a regular church filled with ordinary Christians. And we’re a place where everyone is welcome; where ministers meet and admire extraordinary people most churches never encounter. I like to think this keeps me real – and your wedding casually elegant. This is a friendly place, a neighboring place, regardless of from where in the world, or why in the world, people come here.