Pulling Together

My wife had a doctor appointment this morning. After she was situated and while she was undergoing a procedure, I ran a few errands.  The first involved visiting the County Recorder. I’m so accustomed to one particular employee that I still haven’t adjusted to his retirement. This morning served as one more reminder of how transient life is – except for marriage. Throughout life, familiar faces fade away. Locations and vocations change. Even parents and children are like the Big Bang: an initial burst followed by greater and greater distancing from one another. But marriage is different. It produces tighter bonds, greater intimacy, year after year. This is good!

My second errand was to purchase a propane grill for church events this weekend. We’ve been invited to setup a tent at two grocers in order to raise funds for our Food Ministry. These grocers will supply the ‘fixins’ and we’ll do the cooking. The proceeds will help us give 3 million pounds of food to seniors and the working poor during 2014, a 20% increase over 2013. I’m going to see some tired but happy chefs this weekend.