Off To the Two of Us

It seems like I’ve been off the website for a lot longer than it’s been, but I certainly don’t regret my absence. My wife and I enjoyed a “staycation” in one of the better timeshare resorts here in Las Vegas. It was our anniversary and I tried to skip all but my essential work in order to spend the week together. That’s never easy. She has things that occupy her time and I do too. But we started doing this thirty years ago. We had a camping van then and a wonderful state park not far from the city where we lived. We’d leave for quiet isolation every Sunday afternoon (after I was finished preaching and leading worship) and return on Tuesday morning. I’d climb the rock face of the canyon alone or with one of the kids (more limited climbs) while she enjoyed her little paradise of park beauty and relaxation. Rarely was anyone else there. Years later, in another city, we moved her parents in with us. So long as we stayed close we were comfortable with leaving them for short stretches. That’s when we found local hotel getaways and timeshares. We’re the only two in our home now but we still like to step briefly away from our daily duties. Sometimes we travel together on my business trips; sometimes we head for remote places; sometimes we just cross town and get lost in ourselves. This was another of those times – and well worth it!