Naturally and Totally Unscripted

Last week’s wedding was a blast. It was one of those where I just had to let happen what was happening. I make a deliberate effort to keep ceremonies focused on the bride and groom and to adjust, slowing down or speeding up or adlibbing my words to fit the genuine spontaneity of their emotions. Last week was a perfect example of why. The couple forgot that any of us were there. I had to stop and start and stand silently several times because what they were experiencing was so precious. First the groom and then the bride displayed tenderness and excitement: naturally and totally unscripted. There was no video or audio – which is nice because now the legend will grow with each telling of it – but there were pictures and plenty of witnesses. The photographers were great. I’m confident they caught every expression. I know the couple’s family and friends caught all the emotion. The bride in particular was breathless and exhausted as she heard the words: Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you Mr. and Mrs. ____. And experiencing her and her husband’s happiness, none of us who were there are likely to forget that moment.