More aah… less meh

Kat Kinsman, CNN, wrote a great article last September called “Don’t waste money on your wedding!” It’s still worth reading. Once-in-a-lifetime festivities easily stir us into a frenzy because we can always imagine more ways of celebrating (thanks! Pinterest). And people suggest great (usually expensive or time-consuming) ideas: isn’t it easy to be enthusiastic when there’s no thought given to price? And every bridal couple has at least a few disagreements over whether something is ‘meh’ or ‘aah’. So how will you decide where to save and on what to splurge?

Kinsman encourages the hard work of talking about your priorities – not only for your wedding but your marriage – early in the planning stage. She doesn’t mention it but I’ve seen many long-term benefits come through these conversations. Kat writes a bit about other couples with their weddings, then offers a few questions you can use to design and enjoy your own.

Keep in mind that guests will have future parties that will likely blend with your wedding in their memories. They will appreciate your wedding but never quite the same way you will. So be more a bride than a hostess. Splurge on things you treasure. Maybe you can skimp a bit on lesser things – giving you more for what you’ll never forget.