Life Isn’t a Rehearsal

Following up on Kinsman’s article, “Don’t waste money on your wedding,” I recommend another in New York Magazine: “What They Would Have Done Differently”. One hundred recent brides looked back on the best and worst of their wedding. 84% did not use a wedding planner. 73% (of those who paid for their own wedding) paid it off in six months. Glance at their bridezilla and memorable moments (memorable: “Skinny-dipping” and “The look my hubby gave me when he first saw me”) as well as what made them cringe. The article is a quick read. 17% regretted splurging on flowers; 16% wish they had spent more on flowers. It may be impossible to achieve perfection. But you can score high on the satisfaction scale. Thinking about what you want before it happens – in a no do-over situation – seems priceless (88% of all the brides said their planning was worth the effort).