Life Is Not a Stage

We’re amazed at stories we hear of officiants treating weddings as their own personal stage, as though your wedding is their opportunity to polish their self-image or stuff their wallet. We’ve also been contacted way too many times by panic-stricken brides whose officiants cancelled within weeks of their wedding. These “Reverends” are so self-important that they don’t seem to care when they hurt you, the bride. In Las Vegas, many of these officiants have been ordained through for-profit internet sites. They aren’t true Reverends. “Let’s face it,” they say silently, “you’ve got to have the wedding ceremony and how it’s done is up to me; I’ll never see you again so I may as well satisfy myself rather than you.” Please: don’t let officiants treat you way! Your ceremony should be at least as beautiful as your gown, cake, and reception. There is no excuse for a poor quality officiant – nor for a poorly designed or uncaring ceremony.