Let’s Get Married: 12/13/14

Do you want to marry on 12/13/14? This Saturday date is filling up fast. Consider: Las Vegas issued 4,333 marriage licenses intended for 7-7-7, another 3,090 for 10-10-10 and 3,024 for 11-11-11 (sorry, they haven’t updated us for 12-12-12 or last year’s sequentially cool 11-12-13).

20,000 couples nationwide already plan to marry on 12-13-14 according to a David’s Bridal poll. This will at least triple normal bookings. Some Las Vegas vendors expect they’ll have to turn last-minute people away. Don’t wait to make your arrangements.

Of course, Las Vegas seems to always accommodate spur-of-the-moment elopements. Caesars Palace has announced a “day of” package with ceremony and buffet lunch for two. for $1,213.14. Neither this nor similar fun-festivities may be your first choice but Las Vegas won’t let you down. No matter what, you’ll go home married.