Irrepressible Joy

Fun wedding yesterday. The bride burst into laughter several times. The groom’s palms were sweating so much that he tried to shake water from them – with no self-consciousness at all! Everyone felt their love. I remember, a long time ago, riding my horse into a meadow we had never been in together. Suddenly the old stallion became a colt and started galloping in joy. I couldn’t have restrained him if I had wanted to. He apparently caught glimpse of something that revived powerful memories and muscles. It’s funny what goes on in that part of life that’s called “heart”. For this week’s bride and groom, their long preparation suddenly distilled into pleasure and was mixed with hints of the great future they’ve anticipated. Intoxicating! I couldn’t have restrained them if I had wanted to. I don’t mean to imply that people can be compared with even the most majestic of animals, but it’s great whenever life can be observed in all its irrepressible joy. Memorable, too. Fun wedding!