iPod Wedding ???

Lowen Liu entered the debate about recorded wedding music last month. But she wasn’t advocating for live music or a DJ. After a few sad tales about each, Lowen comes out strongly for an iPod wedding. After all, she argues, who can set your wedding playlist better than you and yours? Lowen’s idea may sound romantic during the infinite time and dreaminess of those first few months after the engagement ring. But when crunch time comes this is a lot of pressure for what, in the end, may feel a bit like Muzak made cool.

Meg McArdle kicked in on her blog (you may know that I like the way she thinks) that there’s and app that lets your audience request songs and re-queue on the fly. Great! But what about the audio equipment? Filling a big room with great music isn’t a given. Energetic announcements, personal interaction and satisfying adjustments aren’t givens either. And it’s not always easy to get people up or back onto the dance floor. Yes, Megan was a daring iPod enthusiast – until, 11 days before her wedding, she hired a DJ.

Why? She answers: when you’re putting on the most complicated event in your life, it is worth a whole lot to make some of the moving parts someone else’s responsibility. (yeah… the same reason why you look for a great officiant!)