A Moment to Breathe

Cleaning up at the office and preparing to leave for Seattle, I ran across this: “Just dropping in to say thank you again for presiding over our wedding ceremony. It really was my favorite part of the day! Everything else seemed so hectic, fast and blurry when I recall it. The ceremony stuck out as a moment to breathe and enjoy the reason for the whole event in the first place. …question… Please advise and thanks again for making our day wonderful! Sincerely, Ashley”. A bit later I spoke with a distressed couple that wants to marry and make a future together. I often have only a brief moment in which to really know people – not just to form an opinion but to listen for a real connection! This couple and I had a moment to breath – and it felt good. I’m as confident for them as I am for Ashley. I like these feelings. I like to help others experience them too.