12 Questions Your Wedding Officiant is Going to Ask You

Wedding planning can be a whirlwind. From venues and cake to flowers and save the dates, you have a lot on your plate.

But you must remember that one of the most important elements of your wedding is the ceremony itself. You are marrying your partner—arguably the person you love the most—and you get to do it in the presence of your friends and family who have watched you grow together.

Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it’s not—it’s your wedding day!

And the best person to help you plan out your ceremony is your wedding officiant. When meeting with your officiant, you’re bound to have a lot of questions to ask, but they’re going to have a few for you, too.

bride and groom holding hands in a ring

1. How did you meet?

Your wedding officiant is dying to get to know you. And what better way than learning how you two met?

You can go in to detail as much as you would like, but this will help your officiant understand where you started and how far you’ve come as a couple.

The more your wedding officiant knows about you, the easier it will be for them to craft a completely personalized and heartfelt ceremony for the two of you.

2. When did you realize they were ‘The One?’

Again, this question is just a fun way for an officiant to learn more about you and witness how much you both care about one another.

3. What does marriage mean to you?

Helping to access a deeper bond between the two of you, your officiant may have you explain what marriage means to you.

4. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

So, you’re making this commitment to each other; what do you hope for your future together?

Wedding officiants take their roles very seriously and will only solemnize a marriage if they believe there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be together.

This question, along with the previous questions, will help your Las Vegas wedding officiant get to know you and the love between you both, making their job easy.

happy father removing veil of his daughter during wedding

5. What role does your family play in your lives?

A wedding officiant may ask this question to feel out how connected you both are with your families. Not only will this help them understand your support system, or perhaps lack thereof, but it will also help them gage how much your family will be involved in the ceremony.

6. Where and when?

Some of the most obvious questions your officiant will ask you is where and when is your wedding!

You have to make sure they’re available to lead your wedding (fingers-crossed!) and gage how far in advance you’re planning.

Pro tip: look for an officiant that doesn’t overbook their daily schedules. It’s your day and they should treat it as such.

They’ll need to know where your wedding is to get a sense of the formality of your wedding and what setting they’ll be working in.

7. What style of ceremony are you looking for?

When planning your ceremony with your wedding officiant, you’ll need to decide if you’d like a religious or non-religious ceremony.

Talking about this aspect of the wedding ceremony will solidify the overall feeling your officiant will aim for, either involving or not involving spiritual content.

8. What are your expectations and vision?

Having a simple conversation with you as a couple will help them understand exactly what you’re wanting for your ceremony.

close up of bride and bridesmaids bouquets

9. Who’s in your wedding party?

Not only will this allow the wedding officiant to get to know your best man and maid of honor who will be the other important individuals at your side on your big day, it will also help them keep the ceremony running smoothly.

10. Are you being escorted down the aisle?

Just like with your wedding party, it’s important for a wedding officiant to know what to expect.

If they need to address the couple’s parents at all during the ceremony or honor the special individual ‘giving away’ the bride or groom.

11. Would you like to write your own vows?

Some people are better with words than others, so your officiant will need to know if they’ll be leading the vows or if you plan on taking the reins.

You can also plan a ceremony that involves the simple marriage vows and then your own words, as well.

12. Any traditions you’d like to include?

Traditions differ from family to family and religion to religion. Your wedding officiant will have to cater their design to meet your rituals so it’s essential that you let them know of anything you’re planning right from the start.

Going over your ceremony’s specific rituals is especially important for the person leading the activities, since they may have to prepare before the big day! Fortunately, at Casual Elegance, we are experienced in many different traditions and wedding customs.

Finding a wedding officiant in Las Vegas doesn’t have to be hard.

Look no further than Casual Elegance, LLC. We have a wedding officiant proficient in leading various styles of ceremonies across Clark County.

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